ADK LaBs' Jacomo for Her Pure Perfume Oil is a testament to refined taste and timeless beauty. It is a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of femininity, empowering the wearer with confidence and allure

ADK LaBs Jacomo for Her – Jacomo

Original price was: ₨ 1,000.Current price is: ₨ 690.

ADK LaBs One Man Show Oud Edition – Jacques Bogart

At ADK LaBs, we believe in creating fragrances that stand the test of time, and One Man Show Oud Edition is no exception.

ADK LaBs Green Water – Jacques Fath

Original price was: ₨ 1,300.Current price is: ₨ 690.

Our 06 ml glass bottle has a soft roller ball for your smoothest application. It’s the perfect size for your gym bag, purse, car, or wherever you need to freshen up !

With a 06 ml bottle, you will be able to apply it daily and be surprised how long it lasts you.

Perfume Notes:

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Orange
  • Heart Notes: Mint, Basil, Tarragon, Clove and Caraway
  • Base Notes: Oakmoss, Vetiver, Musk and Ambergris

  Alcohol Free
  Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free
  Paraben Free & No Phthalate

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Introducing “Green Water” by Jacques Fath, now available in pure perfume oil exclusively from ADK LaBs. Immerse yourself in the refreshing and invigorating essence of this extraordinary fragrance.

At the top, ADK LaBs’ “Green Water” captures the essence of lush citrus groves, combining the zesty freshness of Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, and Orange. These vibrant notes create a lively and uplifting opening that awakens the senses and sets the stage for the olfactory journey ahead.

As the fragrance develops, a wave of aromatic herbs emerges, revealing the heart of “Green Water.” Mint, Basil, Tarragon, Clove, and Caraway intermingle in perfect harmony, forming a captivating blend that exudes both sophistication and natural vitality. The herbal bouquet evokes a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation, as if strolling through a serene garden brimming with aromatic delights.

The base notes of ADK LaBs’ “Green Water” anchor the fragrance with a touch of earthy allure. Oakmoss, Vetiver, Musk, and Ambergris infuse the composition with depth and sensuality. The smooth and lingering presence of these elements leaves a lasting impression, like the memory of a hidden oasis tucked away in nature’s embrace.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ADK LaBs’ “Green Water” pure perfume oil offers an exquisite olfactory experience. It embodies the spirit of freshness and vitality, capturing the essence of the great outdoors in a bottle. Immerse yourself in this invigorating fragrance and embark on an aromatic journey that will transport you to a world of natural beauty and tranquility.

Sillage: ADK LaBs takes great pride in ensuring that the fragrance “Green Water” pure perfume oil showcases an impressive sillage. Sillage refers to the trail left behind by a fragrance as it diffuses in the air and creates a captivating aura around the wearer. With “Green Water,” our goal is to envelop those around you with an irresistible scent that lingers effortlessly. The carefully selected ingredients in this fragrance are expertly blended to provide a moderate to strong sillage, ensuring that you leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Projection: Projection, or the ability of a fragrance to radiate and project its scent, is a key aspect of the olfactory experience. ADK LaBs understands the importance of projection, and with “Green Water” pure perfume oil, we aim to captivate and enthrall those in your vicinity. The fragrance is crafted to have a moderate to strong projection, allowing the captivating notes to gracefully waft through the air, enticing and drawing attention to the wearer. With every movement, the aromatic aura of “Green Water” surrounds you, leaving a trail of mesmerizing scent that piques curiosity and admiration.

Longevity: ADK LaBs is committed to delivering fragrances that stand the test of time. “Green Water” pure perfume oil boasts an exceptional longevity, ensuring that its captivating presence lasts throughout the day and well into the night. We meticulously select high-quality ingredients to create a fragrance that lingers on the skin for an impressive duration. With “Green Water,” expect an extraordinary longevity that can extend up to 20-22 hours, allowing you to revel in the fragrance’s alluring charm from morning to night.

At ADK LaBs, we understand that the longevity, sillage, and projection of a fragrance significantly contribute to the overall olfactory experience. Our commitment to using high-quality ingredients ensures that “Green Water” pure perfume oil delivers an exceptional olfactory journey. The fragrance envelops you in an aromatic embrace, leaving a captivating trail of scent in its wake. With its impressive longevity of up to 20-22 hours, moderate to strong projection, and captivating sillage, “Green Water” embodies the essence of luxury and craftsmanship. Indulge in the captivating allure of “Green Water” and experience the enduring beauty of this extraordinary fragrance.

Note: ADK LaBs is not associated with the original brand or its manufacturers. Our ADK LaBs “Green Water”  is our own interpretation and impression of the fragrance, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using high-quality ingredients to ensure an exceptional olfactory experience.


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ADK LaBs Green Water - Jacques Fath ADK LaBs Green Water - Jacques Fath
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